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solomou wine bar

type_comission, leisure



The concept of the bar is arranged around a 3d wine cellar expressed as a metallic bespoke grid organizing the 30sqm space. In the heart of Exarcheia, a raw neighborhood we tried to preserve the originality of the identity of the area by introducing raw materials such as unpainted iron for the cellar grid, exposed concrete for the existing columns, natural stone for one wall and forged cement for the floor. The narrowness of the space articulated the plan and the user's experience. A sitting bench attached to the stone wall merges indoors with outdoors space, highlighting the intense use of public space by the habitants of the neighborhood. The space is multifunctional as it works not only as a leisure place serving drinks and Mediteranean cold cuts but also as a biological local and Spanish exhibition space promoting small producers and their effort to preserve the originality and the pureness of traditional products.

The project is under construction. Photos coming soon...

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