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affordable paris




collaboration_christina kavoura

Shortilisted in BeeBreaders Housing Challenge Competition

The project is a futuristic approach of the contemporary city. Unused, abandoned and under precarious forms of property ownership, they will accommodate clusters of affordable housing units linked together with communal uses, supplementing the built stock but not densifying it due to their location and the amount of open semi-public spaces in ground and upper floors and walking routes within it. The element of modularity adds to the advantage of adjustability and makes the proposal flexible to be adopted by several ex-parking sites throught the city creating this way a network of affordable clusters. The modules have interpreted the atriums of the 19th century parisian block and are utilising the functionality residing in central key point modern typology. Retaining the human scale of Haussmann and the idea of communal uses introduced by Le Corbusier in Unite Habitation with the mixed social blend. The unit structure is CLT based and is using rammed earth as infill of the exterior walls and plywood for the interiors. Cross laminated timber is a growing construction material which has the capacity to be used for the structural framing.

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